Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Charity news and general stuff.

I was horrified to read in this week’s Herald the devastating news that the Plymouth Family Support Service are scheduled to close on the 23d December due to lack of funding and a huge increase in their rent. I think many people are unaware of the work that the PFSS actually do and I believe that the negative impact on Plymouth will be felt after the service is closed. The PFSS carry out a huge amount of preventative work with both children and adults. What is even sadder is that I had promised the team at PFSS that they would be our designated charity for 2009. I am particularly annoyed that Plymouth City Council couldn’t find the £20,000 that the PFSS needed to see them through to Easter next year, this amount is nothing in comparison to the work that the PFSS actually do and I am annoyed that the PCC can find £60 million pounds for the elitist life centre and not the small amount requested by the PFSS.

In light of the PFSS closure we are looking for a new designated charity, I would really like a local charity that works with children and adults focusing on preventative care. I have had some suggestions but would appreciate any input so that we can find a charity to work with for 2009.

On the subject of charities I must draw your attention to the work of the East Devon Cystic Fibrosis Trust, the charity aims to help improve the quality of life for those suffering with cystic fibrosis. I was thrilled to hear that the trust have just bought a pole for one of our Torquay students who has CF, Kim Quaintance noticed that attending fitness pole dancing lessons helped her condition dramatically, her bone density improved as well as her lung capacity this resulted in fewer tiresome visits to Exeter Hospital. I am waiting for the next EDCF newsletter which will discuss the subject further.

Whilst I mention Torquay, I must inform you that after a breakdown in communication between myself and the owner of the Bishop's Court Hotel in Torquay we are no longer offering lesson in the Torquay area, Jo and I will be travelling to Torquay on Friday to look at some possible new venues. You can check out Jo's latest blog and Nixi's latest blog here. More news to follow.

Get well soon Mum x x

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