Saturday, 21 June 2008

Pending Performance

Pictured left is the stage that I will be dancing on tonight at Club Vanilla, I have just noticed on the club Vanilla website that there will be an exotic floor show part way through the evening, I just hope that they are not expecting me to do it! I will get Sid to take some pictures anyway and will report back to you, should be an interesting evening!

It is looking like me and my other instructors may be exhibiting at the Devon car Show on the 27th July, I will let you know times and dates as soon as we have the Event confirmed.

Other Forthcoming events include a Pole Perfection class with resident Burlesque instructor Georgina Gale . If any of you saw Georgina dance at our last Social at Annabel's then this class will need no explaining but for those of you who missed it Georgina will be showing you how to slow down your tricks and improve your overall performance on the pole, think grace and fluidity.

Our incredibly bendy instructor Nixi will be doing a Flexibility workshop on Sunday 29th June at 12:00. This workshop is non pole based and will aim to help you increase your overall flexibility through some demanding stretches.

On Monday I hope to secure a new art of dance venue in Torquay, I am meeting with the owner of the proposed venue to finalise details so will let you know what happens, we are also looking for an Exeter venue for Georginas Burlesque workshops, we have had some fantastic feedback on the last workshop but need to find another venue.

I had a great training session with Hayley, Nixi, Sue & Rose (Sue's daughter) yesterday but am staying off the pole today to conserve my energy for tonight's performance. I was chuffed to manage some more one handed handstands yesterday as well as some improved shoulder mount techniques, unfortunately I seem to be missing a certain amount of skin from my right collarbone so will have to be careful tonight.

Congratulations to Glamour Puss who successfully completed her walking on fire task, I will link to her blog when she updates it with details of her fantastic piece of work for the hearing dogs Charity. More news to follow on Thai fighter Christi Campbell and our designated Charity The Anthony Nolan trust.

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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Glamourpuss said...

Thanks, love. I've posted some pictures but am still waiting for the 'official' ones to come through.