Monday, 9 June 2008

My cousin is safe.

I had the shocking news last night that my cousin Val had been involved in some kind of scare whilst working in Jordan. The news was particularly interesting in light of my recent concerns over whether I would be safe to work in Pakistan. For those of you were at my wedding you would know how lovely Val is, she is my American cousin and she works for a non governmental organisation helping communities improve their media relations and capabilities with projects such as internews.

Val has been living in Jordan for a few months now and still hopes to be able to return to continue the valuable work she does there. Apparently she was seized in the midnight hours by security forces and evacuated immediately being flown out of the country and back to the US. All I really know is that she is safe and that is great news to me.

Other news today of less topical importance is how well my training session went with Jo, both of us are working hard to perfect new moves and new combinations. I managed an elbow hold Aysha, a move which has proved very elusive and yet should be easier than the Parallel handstand version of the Aysha that I can already do. I also managed a one handed handstand although this move is far from perfect, it does mean that I can now attempt the scary looking Spin and Snap made famous by Panthera. Other moves Jo and I worked on were some shoulder mount combinations, figurehead to shoulder mounts and general syllabus revision. Jo also found time to write some evil new session plans to keep the students on their toes.

I thought I would feel weak today after Saturday's masterclass but all seems fine in the muscle department, the heat does not help one's pole dance practice but Jo and I battled on regardless. I hope to catch up with my other instructors soon to swap ideas.

The masterclasses on Saturday went really well, Well done to the Sarah, Mia & Rosanna for lasting through all three!

Lastly a big "Get Well Soon" to my Mum who has been suffering from some nasty flu type virus - Hope you feel better very soon and look forward to seeing you at the weekend x x. More blogs soon,

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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AmyTree said...

Really glad to hear she's okay - much better to hear of drama after the fact, when one's loved one is safe.(Still listening to your gut/friends/mum, I hope!)

My abs hate me - every time I sneeze or laugh or even sometimes breathe I hurt. :-)

See you tomorrow. xx