Saturday, 10 July 2010

Giving Blood and other random news

I used to write at least 3 blogs a week and now I am struggling just to get one done. It is not that I do not want to write but that things are so busy with the Pole Dance Community site and the launch of the Accreditation and Advancement Programme (AAP) that time is very limited and the AAP has to be a priority. 

Despite limited time I did find a moment to give blood yesterday, it was my 17th donation and I hope some lovely recipient gets to enjoy my tasty garlic infused blood! As always the staff were lovely and they do such a fabulous job. If you haven't already thought about giving blood, platelets or tissue just click here for more information. If you want to be an organ donor just click here.

This weekend will be a mixture of work and fun, I have already had the pleasure of catching up with my brother David and his fiance Michelle as they are over from Australia for a few days as well as seeing my Sister Julie and her husband Chris. Tonight I have a fabulous Golden Wedding Party to attend as my Great Aunt and Uncle celebrate 50 years of marriage and tomorrow afternoon I hope to be able to pop down to the Barbican to see Plymouth's town crier Jack Ringer (see picture above) and his lovely better half. There will various activities including face painting in the afternoon adjacent to the Mayflower Steps, I am hoping for good weather.

Next weekend will be equally busy as I set of to judge at the United Kingdom Amateur Pole Performer competition in Bristol, Here is the judges line-up:

Annie Norris: Pole Divas winner 2009, Pole Divas Runner Up 2007 and 2008 and X-Pole girl.
Karen Chaundy : Miss Pole Dance International winner and British Isle Professional winner 2009.
Sam Remmer: Miss Pole Dance & PoleDivas UK Finalist 2007, 2008, 2009 & founder of the Pole Dance Community site.
Deb Riley: Miss Pole Dance Trixster 2009 and MPD finalist 2006,2007.
Alethea Austin: USPDS Miss Sexy 2009 and USPDS Winner 2010 World Finalist 2010

Click here to get your tickets but be quick as there are only a few left!

Well I must sign off for now as I have to build some emergency quail housing for my poorly Quail!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


D.Addiction said...

Donating blood is a very nice thing but still many people believe that it may affect them. I hope with the help of this blog they might be able to break their misconceptions attached to blood donation. said...

Thanks for commenting.

I tried to take a couple of pictures last time I gave blood but unfortunately got told off by the staff! I may pursue the issue as I think if people see a nice smiley picture of someone giving blood it would help show how painless the process is. Also you get a free cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit which is always nice!