Friday, 13 March 2009

The Aftermath

Well it is the morning after the BBC documentary and I am struggling with mixed emotions. Overall I was pleased with the programme, especially the bit where they said I was 27! I think the programme got some of my points across but I did have a few real concerns about the final edit. Firstly I feel that the coverage of Miss Pole Dance 2008 did come across as a bit sleazy when in fact the 2008 comp was the least sleazy out of the 3 years in which I have been entering. The documentary focused on 'all the blokes' in the audience when the audience was predominantly female and was one of the best crowds I have ever danced for. One fact the Beeb definitely got right was the fact that the MC was a complete ****** and he did nothing to positively promote pole dancing or himself.

I think I came across as quite anti glamour girls when of course this is not the case, I just feel that there should be a separate fitness section and looking at how MPD is developing towards the Australian showgirl style competition I have decided not to enter again this year. I really hope the glamour girls don't take offence from the documentary.

Another area of disappointment was the lack of footage of my day to day struggle to run a business whilst dealing with extreme prejudice against my chosen art form, I really don't think that the programme will change anyone's perception of what I do but the programme hasn't done any harm either. I would love to have seen a bit more dancing and less crutch and bottom shots but then I thought that the editors might go for that angle!

My biggest criticism is that the documentary was taken over at the last minute by Natalie Cassidy who despite being a very nice person off camera did not come across well as presenter and failed to grasp the concept of programme, her arguments seemed vague and I still get the impression that she doesn't respect us pole dancers.

I am unsure whether my Mum and Dad are relieved or disappointed that their interviews were not included but I know that both of them were and continue to be extremely supportive about my dancing and my business which was a stark contrast from Hannah the boxer who was featured in the first part of the documentary, her parents thought what she was doing was wrong and that must makes things quite as difficult for her..

Anyway the programme has now been aired and will slowly fade from peoples memories until the next saga at the art of dance! Today I have the pleasure of shooting a short video with my fellow instructors which I hope to upload to youtube later today. More art of dance news to follow very soon. if you did miss the programme it will be on BBC i-player for the next 6 days, click here to view.

To finish I want to say keep fighting to the lovely Kim who continues to get stronger by the day despite the excruciating pain she has had to endure. I also want to send big hugs to my Mum and her friend Jean who was admitted to Hospital on Wednesday and has been put straight onto chemotherapy, it must be a very difficult time for her and her family.

I do want to say how much I appreciate all the positive messages I have received via e-mail, facebook etc regarding the documentary and my ongoing battle to get pole dancing recognised as a fun way to keep fit. No doubt the saga will not end here........

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

p.s. here is a vid of a few of the art of dance instructors messing around in the studio this afternoon, they are Jo Turpin, Rosanna Durban, Hayley Silk, Tamar Preston and ME!


Glamourpuss said...

I guess you've read about the storm in ateacup created by the sub-standard London Paper about MPD and LBF being held at the Scala.

I actually think most people are pretty open-minded but the media still like to reduce things to their basest level to create scandal.

I actually thought the programme was pretty fair. The presenter's arguments were wooly and seemed tacked on (especially the segue between the two stories) but it's intentions seemed good and it gave both stories time to breathe.

From a personal point of view, it was very odd to see everyone on the telly! You, Amy Tree, Jo and Riley etc.


AmyTree said...

Yeah, get me, skulking in the background!! That was funny, especially as Dolly and I were pretty sure we would get NO airtime at all, not being as attention-seeking as some others in the class... :-)

It was so much better than it could have been!! Yes, there were areas that got blown out of proportion, but I don't think you were too harsh on the glamour girls, just emphatic that you are not that kind of dancer. You came across as confident and charming and awfully dedicated, and while it was sad not so see so much of the business side of it, I guess it wasn't that kind of documentary. I was most annoyed at the awful awful compere, he wanted kicking.

You, however, were brilliant. xxx

Glamourpuss said...

Yeah, that compere was a twunt.


Anonymous said...

Ive just seen the documentry and i have great respect for the fact you are doing pole dancing for fitness. And are trying to change peoples opinion on it just being about glamour and lapdancing. However i then see your poster board....and your dressed sexually, with the leather boots etc...none of what you wear when your actually doing the pole dancing so you yourself are sexualising it. The most ironic thing was that you even mentioned the glamour girls in heels.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam

The bit with the gears made me giggle. I'm just glad it wasn't a documentry about whether girls should drive vans!!
It could have done with more about your professional side but the pole dancing classes came across as fresh and fun.
See you soon
Ziggy x