Monday, 4 August 2008

Sam in Wonderland?

This week should be an interesting one, Jo has disappeared of to Egypt for two and a half weeks to go diving (or skiving as I prefer to call it) which means I have the annual job of hacking into her blog and putting something silly on it, all suggestions welcome.

On Thursday I will be attending the casting sessions for the forthcoming Walt Disney film that will be filmed in Plymouth. The film is rumoured to be Alice in Wonderland and speculation suggests that it ill be produced by Tm Burton and will star Johnny Depp. I am off to the casting on Thursday 7th September at the new continental hotel. You may be wondering what on earth I am doing attending the auditions when I have a business to run, but if I get the opportunity to be an extra in the film I can have a working holiday which will hopefully raise some money to go on a well deserved realholiday at the end of September. In addition to this I would relish the opportunity to spend two weeks dressing up in full make up and corsets!

Of course there will be hundreds of people at the auditions so the chances are that I may not be an extra but there is no harm in trying. I will let you know how things go and already have Jo on standby to cover for me if I get a part.

Saturday saw the official opening of Devon's first cage as well as a chance to celebrate the expansion of Saints gym. The herald covered the story today with this article written by the lovely Tristin Nicholls, check out the comments section too.

The day involved a selection of demos including Muay Thai, Pro boxing, Kickboxing & Self defense. There was also a tyre pull - see picture right- which was won by the ladies team. Saints gym now has over 35 different classes focusing on fighting and general fitness classes. One of the new classes is Bex bag work, Bex is a children's nurse who trains at Saints gym and will be holding her bag work class every Saturday afternoon at 2pm, this class is not about figthting but about releasing your aggression on the bags in a fun friendly environment. This looks to be a great cardio workout. Another one for the ladies is Guy's boxing classes, check out the Saints website for full timetable and prices.

I must keep it brief for today as I have 4 hours of teaching to do plus it is staff wages day and I won't be easily forgiven for paying the wages in late!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam

I've been keeping an eye on that casting story. I think I'm going on Wednesday. Fingers crossed for us both, it would be great to have the opportunity to get involved. I don't think I can manage to grow a set of 'lamb chops' in 2 days though.

Great coverage in the Herald about The Cage. It's looking good.

Luv Ziggy x

Anonymous said...

Good luck for the casting Sam, see you all in a couple of weeks! said...

Hi Ziggy,

If you go on Thursday instead then let me know! If not good luck for Wednesday. Sam x

AmyTree said...

I am SO envious!!! The only time I have regretted cutting off all my hair... (it was to my waist at one time!). Oh, and the job that I can't take 3 weeks off for... I really hope you get a part!!! :-) xxx

Glamourpuss said...

How very exciting! Best of luck! If you want someone to practise your oscar acceptance speech on, I'll happily volunteer!


pierre l said...

Good luck with the casting event, Sam.