Sunday, 26 August 2007

Perfect day.

Firstly I must apologise for not posting for a few days. We had our open day on Friday in conjunction with the Mutley Greenbank Festival. I danced intermittently from 11am till 3pm and certainly felt a little sore yesterday, I also have the bruises to prove it! Pole dancing in a hot studio is highly demanding as the pole burn is increased by the heat and your hands tend to sweat making everything more likely to fail. Still a good day was had by all and thanks to Jo, Rosanna, Mia, Helen, Jenna etc for helping out.

Today I have had a perfect day, the weather has been pleasant and so my husband and I decided to venture out to a new farm shop in Lifton (just outside Tavistock). As we drove through Tavistock we noticed a sign for the Westcountry Cheese Fair - we had to stop. I adore cheese, it may not be the healthiest food substance but I really like it and it should be ok in moderation. Tavistock Hall smelt strongly of beautiful mould ripened cheeses and they sold one of my favourite real ales - Blackawton head strong (5.2%). I know this doesn't sound like a health and fitness blog but believe me when it comes to being happy - I was in my element.

We then left the cheese fair to go to the farm shop in Lifton. It was easy to find but looked a little commercial for my liking. We ventured in to be greeted by nice range of fresh veg, home made bread and farm assured meat amongst other delights. I bought some strawberries for part of a picnic and then armed with other goodies such as locally sourced Tregida Smoked Salmon we drove to Brentor:

Brentor Church is a 13th Century Church that is situated on top of the highest point on Dartmoor. The views are amazing and it is the perfect place for a picnic. My husband and I basked in the sun watching two gliders surf the thermals - Beautiful.

We returned via the Market Inn but alas they had run out of real ale so we ventured on to the Leaping Salmon in Horrabridge for a pint of Dartmoor Ale, the perfect end to a perfect day. I feel very refreshed and will hopefully go back to the studio on Tuesday feeling invigorated and ready for some new pole tricks and cardio training. Still, Bank Holiday Monday lies ahead, maybe time for another guest ale!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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