Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Fat gene myth!

I may be about to upset nearly 75% of the population of Plymouth and countless others worldwide but talk of a fat gene has really got my back up. New human genes don't generally just pop up as indicated in recent news stories. Fat occurs because people eat too much and don't' exercise enough. It is a delicate balance and I am not saying it is easy but it is a simple fact. We can all make excuses for why we are to fat or too thin but the simple answer is we as individuals are the only ones who the power to change how much fat we carry.

I am aware that certain TV programmes highlight the use of plastic surgery e.g. liposuction to lose weight, but that will only work as a short term measure - if you want to keep the fat off you have to watch what you eat and burn some calories. It is not just about eating less but more so about eating the right things. Starving your self will not help either. Small portions little and often are the best way forward, lots of fresh fruit and veg and lots of fluids (unfortunately not gallons of real ale - never mind!). Click here for more info on your 5 a day.

On to something completely different check out this picture of the dragon flag pose- no pole required just a standard picnic bench - no costly gym membership required either! Your local
beer garden will never be the same again!

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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AmyTree said...

What about the recent news story that fat is actually contageous? (That was The Sun's spin on it anyway - makes more sense to think that people with similar lifestyles might hang out together and thus be overweight together).

Great pose - looks easy enough...:-)