Sunday, 16 August 2009

Pictures and new

Apologies for the lack of blogging recently but I have been teaching a lot as well as painting (much less fun). Anyway the second Plymouth studio is finally completed and opened on Thursday with it's first yoga session. The Burlesque lessons should start this week but I hope to blog more about that later. Keep an eye on Georgina Gale's and Miss Amelia B's blogs for more details too.

A quick date for your diary - December 17th - Myself and the art of dance team have been invited to open Plymouth's biggest Christmas party at Oceana. The event hopes to raise a huge amount of money for St Luke's Hospice - more details to follow.

If you haven't been checking out the pole dance community site then you will have missed the news reports on Britain's youngest pole dancing instructor. Jess from JLN fitness is proving to be a great teacher despite her young age, click here for the news report from the Bolton News and click here for the PDC feature on Jess. I wish Jess every success with her business and think it is great to see such an enterprising young lady. I must also thank Jess for the beautiful bouquet of flowers she sent me for helping her with her planning application (picture at top of blog of me admiring my flowers!)

So, as I have not been blogging as much as normal I seem to have a backlog of photos to share with you so here goes:

Let's start with my husbands first attempt at making Bouillabaisse, I have never tasted anything quite so divine, the texture, taste and colour were just perfect so I am hoping my husband will be making another bouillabaisse very soon!My culinary delights have not stopped with Bouillabaisse as my good friend Chris has been kind enough to provide me, my husband and Mum with two free lobster meals at the Waterfront - picture of me below checking out the St Austell Tribute outside the Waterfront.
Aside from teaching, painting and eating I have spent a little time spoiling my menagerie of birds, I made some new houses for the Quail (see picture below of Amber checking out his nearly finished home.)
Now for any of you budding gardeners out there who like to grow sunflowers you may be able to help me out (if you live locally of course!). My Cockatiels and Kakarikis are particularly fond of sunflower seeds. Most gardeners remove the sunflower heads as they stop flowering and this is when they are perfect for birds to eat. Rather than just throwing the heads away my kindly neighbour Pete has been keeping me stocked up with sunflower heads saving me a fortune in bird food and providing a delicacy for my birds.
Well no more writing for now as I have to dash out so have a great Sunday. Some controversy to follow soon.....

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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