Sunday, 21 September 2008

Carpets are not good for you but Omega-3 is.

If you have read my previous blog about my last performance at club vanilla then you will know all about the awful nylon carpet that is situated around the base of the pole. Skin and carpet simply go to war with the carpet coming out victorious, my knees took the brunt of it and now bear a selection of bruises and abrasions worthy of an entry onto the art of dance facebook bruise of the month competition.

The actual performances went well with me doing a mammoth 3 x 15 minute sets to a funky house DJ. The club was fairly quiet but most of the couples managed to venture of into the rooms at some point, I was actually in the middle of a knee conditioning move when I first realised that most of my audience had disappeared. I chatted to two local school teachers who had never been to the club before but had moved into the area, they were curious about the whole idea of swinging, they were also amazed by my pole dancing as they were not expecting the gymnastic element. By the time I finished my last set both teachers, the organisers and a few of their friends were all splashing around in the jacuzzi to the left of the stage, they explained to me after that although they had not actually committed a sexual act they enjoyed the liberation of being able to be naked together. If any of you are thinking that this all sounds horribly sleazy then think again I would rather be at somewhere civilised like Club Vanilla than half the clubs in union street. I hope to return to Club Vanilla very soon.

I knew that the 2 hour drive via the A377 was going to be very laborious especially on the return journey at 1am but I had prepared with a beautiful fish supper - Rainbow trout, organic new potatoes and some steamed broccoli - the meal kept my energy levels going for most of the evening although I have to confess that the drive back through fog took its toll on my eyes.

The trout meal prompted me to do a little google search for the benefits of eating trout: A recent report suggest that we are not eating enough oily fish and the subsequent lack of omega 3 oils is linked to mental health problems, for full details click
this link for the press release. I have no worries about whether I am getting enough omega-3 instead I have to worry about whether I am getting to much and then I need to consider the risk of overeating fish with high levels of mercury - Oh well - you have to die of something! Anyway here are two more links or oily fish studies - BBC Science and BBC food.

A quick comment on Friday nights Ladies night at the Grosvener casino, Jo and I promoted in conjunction with the House of Fraser and the team from the Hair Priory who were pitched next to us and were a pleasure to meet. There was one major disappointment for me in that I missed out on the free perfume bags! Apart from that the evening went extremely well with a very high turnout of very elegantly dressed ladies - Puss would have been proud of them! Thanks to Andy Bacon for organising the event and to James Harvey for ensuring we were thoroughly looked after throughout the evening. I am really looking forward to the next ladies night as well as a proposed promotion at the Hair Priory too!

Congratulations to Jo who has successfully completed her triathlon in a fantastic time beating some of her male competitors and being the only female entrant - Well done Jo!

I am now off to relax in the bath before popping out to catch up with my Nan and Grandpa for an hour or so, after that I get the pleasure of a lovely meal out with my Mum before returning home to catch up with my husband who has been away in Bradford and Manchester for the last few days. Hope you have a had a great weekend to,

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


ArtofdanceJo said...

I wasn't the only female in the whole race, just in my little group. They have staggered start times with groups of about 7 going together, so you don't get snarled up on your way round.

The group before me was all lovely ladies, and in mine were smelly men and ME!


Jay Popat said...





Glamourpuss said...

Ouch! That looks painful. As to the Omega 3's, I take a good quality (low-mercury) supplement, but then I'm taking quite high doses these days ;-)