Sunday, 18 May 2008

Aching and hungover

What a great day I had yesterday although I am paying the price today, every muscle in my body is aching and I have plenty of bruises and skin abrasions too. I blame Jamie (Jo's stepson) for making me do the Flag (full flag no half mast variation- see picture top let courtesy of x-pole of Donovan Jones of Crazeehorse perfroming at Erotica 2007) at the end of my mammoth three and a half hour pole session. I will perfect the full flag and will post pictures to prove it very soon.
You would think as a fitness professional that I would know better than to follow up this gargantuan training session with countless pints of locally brewed St Austell Tribute and Well's banana bread beer accompanied by some shooters but then again it was my birthday so I think I can be forgiven. If you happen to be a real ale drinker I can highly recommend these beers.

Aside from nursing my aching body and hangover my husband and I ventured out to the
Foxhound in Brixton for a Sunday Roast. The food was great and I had a starter of Garlic Mushrooms followed by home made fish pie and veg, my husband opted for the lamb. We were served by one of my lovely students, Sarah, Hello to Sarah if you are reading this.

One quick whinge which is not aimed just at the Foxhound but at most establishments, why do we need nasty chemical filled automated sprays in all the toilets, I don't know if it is just me but I find myself holding my breath as I enter the toilets to avoid inhaling such nastiness. The funny thing is I would rather smell something more natural or have no artificial spray at all. I am sure it cannot be good for you to inhale these products and I just find them completely overpowering and unnecessary.

A quick hello to
Hayley (pictured right) who has finally got to grips with her blog and has uploaded some fantastic pictures. Nixi should be back on the scene too as she has just finished her end of year exams at Plymouth University. Also a big Happy Birthday to Puss who celebrated her birthday on Friday.

For those of you who are not sad like me you may have missed Eastenders on Thursday and therefore would not know that the entire episode revolved around pole dancing, the episode stated with Ronnie flying of the handle about pole dancing lessons happening in her club but went on to see Ronnie yapping to the instructor and discussing the fitness benefits of pole dancing - nice one BBC! To watch the episode click here, the episode will only be viewable until Wednesday 21st May.

I am now off to
Leigh's farm shop to stock up on eggs, veg and a few other essentials followed by a visit to my Nan and Grandad whom I have not seen since I got back from holiday and then out for a birthday meal with my dad and his girlfriend. My husband is going to edit our holiday video today so I will be able to scare you all with some clips later in the week.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


SarahB said...

Glad to see that my brother's pub is getting your custom! I'll have a word with him about his air fresheners!!!!

Glamourpuss said...

The flag is definitely do-able - I've ben working on it myself - can get myself off the ground but not parallel yet...

So glad you had a jolly birthday - mine's actually tomorow ;-) but thanks for the wishes! I did write on your wall but then I remember you're not a huge fan of the old Facebook, so sorry about that!

Puss x