Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Well it is only one week until the finals of Miss Pole dance UK and I have qualified for a place! The finals will be held at The honey Club in Brighton and I am competing in the fitness section. I have to up my training for the next few days and am feeling nervous already. I experience terrible performance nerves and dread the thought of my hands starting to sweat excessively during my performance. Jo will be accompanying me to Brighton and hopefully will keep from being too much of a nervous wreck. (picture shown above left is me at last years competition in Newquay.)

The following week I am hoping to be teaching in Bradford, I am there for three days and have been asked to do some masterclasses to some instructors who teach in the area. Whilst I am in Bradford I will be visiting my lovely mother in law Flo and watching Christi fight at a local show. Click here to view her latest video.

I see in the news this week that obesity is becoming as great a challenge as climate change and by the year 2050 over half of the population will be clinically obese. This is a truly disturbing study. I still feel that more emphasis should be put on those who sell high fat food products and salt and sugar laden snacks to improve their products or pay a tax to the government that can go directly to funding the NHS and dealing with obesity.. It would also be nice if some grant funding was given to Small business's like mine who are doing their bit to tackle obesity and boost general fitness and awareness of health. The cost of treating obesity through the NHS is estimated at 45 million pounds. If we follow America's trend we will all be looking at private healthcare as the NHS simply cannot afford the effect of over 50% of its population being obese.

One quick bit of news that relates to mental well being is a website I found - click here for amusement.

Stay healthy

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

Hurrah! Congratulations on your place in the final. I look forward to seeing you there...


sam@theartofdance.co.uk said...

Hi Puss,

Cheers for your comments, look forward to seeing you next Tuesday and hope you are feeling better,

Sam x